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Cute Raya Packet Sampul Raya Comel (Sold Out)

RM3.60 - RM4.80 Regular Price RM6.40
Bulk Pricing
    Up to 50set @RM4.80/set
  • 51 - 100set for @ RM4.00 each and save 38%
  • 101 set onward for @ RM3.60 each and save 44%
  • Details
    • Acewin

    • 120gsm art silk eggshell

    • 16.5cm x 8.5cm

    • 8 pieces / pack

    • Yes

    • 1 pack

    • 2 - 5 days

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    Set the balik kampung mood in motion!

    This set of Raya packets features a very unique design and is a collectible item. When placed side by side, the packets compose a charming image of Hari Raya celebrations against a tranquil kampung setting. The design, meticulously hand illustrated by a designer, is printed on special paper.

    Besides the attractive illustrations on the front of the Raya packet, on the back of the packets there are also different cute characters. 

    At the opening of the Raya packet is a special die cut flad with a scalloped edge, that secures the packet closed without the need for adhesives.

    For an added special touch, the Raya packet has a textured surface.

    The four designs in this set make it highly collectible for Raya packet enthusiasts.

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