batik inspired sampul raya packet
Batik inspired raya packet sampul duit raya
red batik inspired sampul raya front view
red batik inspired sampul raya back view
blue purple batik inspired sampul raya front view
blue purple batik inspired sampul raya back view

Batik Inspired Raya Packet Sampul Duit Raya

Regular price RM10.00 Sale price RM12.00
» Material : 140gsm premium uncoated paper
» Closed size : 16.0cm x 9.0cm
» Packing : 10 pieces / pack
» Can add-on name or company logo? : Yes
» Min. order : 1 pack
» Delivery : 2 - 5 days
» Designed & produced in Malaysia


    Malaysia is rich in both cultural and natural heritage, which often merges in its traditional arts and crafts. To honour local artistic traditions, we've highlighted the aesthetics of batik in this set of Raya packets.

    batik inspired raya packet sampul raya 

    batik flora style sampul raya open open flap

    This Raya, infuse your celebrations with a batik theme. This beautiful and versatile textile from the East Coast of Malaysia is known for its bold floral motifs and bright colours, which pay homage to this nation's rich natural heritage. 

     batik style sampul duit raya back view

    batik sampul raya close up beaded texture

    To capture the beauty of local batik, this Raya packet features a traditional floral pattern. It is set against a dark purple and fuschia background, which is printed on 140gsm premium uncoated paper with a beaded texture. As each set contains 10 pieces, there are five pieces of each colour in each pack. 

     gold stamping batik flora style sampul duit raya

    Adding another dimension to these Raya packets is textured gold stamping, reminiscent of the telepuk decoration (traditional gold-leaf stamping) that was used in the past to add more value to traditional textiles.

    Personalise it

    Your monetary gift comes from the heart, so why not make it even more meaningful with a special message? You can personalise these Raya packets with your name, logo or inscription, which will make it truly memorable.

     personlise logo stamping on sampul duit raya

    Securely fastened

    Adhesives are messy and turn dark over time, which limits the lifespan of Raya packets. This specially-designed flap ensures a clean yet secure method to keep the money within safe.

     batik flora sampul duit raya fitting all the notes

    Perfect fit

    Keep bank notes crisp! This Raya packet is just the right size to fit in bank notes without the need to fold them.

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