retro flora rose style sampul duit raya raya packet
Retro flora style raya packet sampul duit raya
retro style sampul duit raya front back view
retro style sampul raya front view
retro style raya packet sampul raya back view

Retro Style Raya Packet Sampul Duit Raya

Regular price RM10.00 Sale price RM12.00
» Material : 120gsm premium uncoated paper
» Closed size : 17.7cm x 8.8cm
» Packing : 10 pieces / pack
» Can add-on name or company logo? : Yes
» Delivery : 2 - 5 days
» Designed & produced in Malaysia


    A blast from the past to add cheer to the festivities

    This elegantly-designed Raya packet by Acewin has a luxurious look and feel. It features a classic floral motif against a dark background and showcases a unique retro shape that sets it apart from conventional Raya packets.

     floraed theme retro raya packet

    As an added design feature, the money packet features detailed two-sided printing. 

     flora pattern sampul raya packet

    Best of all, for that extra special touch, the money packets can be personalised with gold letterpress printing. This enables you to add your name or a short message so that your gift becomes even more meaningful.

    sampul raya beaded texture special die cut 

    This uniquely-shaped money packet also perfectly accommodates banknotes. The flap is easily held closed without adhesives, keeping the notes secure.

    flora themed sampul raya can fit all notes

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